Nicole Levy


Nicole Levy

Real estate agent in NJ and FL


After spending six years as a top-performing agent in Portland, Oregon, I decided to return to the East Coast to advance my real estate career. This decision came after purchasing a home in Wilton, Connecticut. I was born in New Rochelle, New York, but my family relocated to Israel during my childhood. There, I not only grew up speaking Hebrew but also had the privilege of representing the Israeli national volleyball team and serving in the IDF. My journey into the world of real estate began with a passion for interior design, cultivating my keen eye for value and a natural instinct for market trends.

I am happily married with four children and three grandchildren. I am deeply passionate about utilizing my skills and extensive experience to assist other families in achieving their real estate objectives. My expertise as an active property investor, coupled with my knowledge of interior design, enables me to provide invaluable support and guidance to both buyers and sellers.

Following my successful tenure as a real estate agent in Portland, Oregon, and Connecticut, I am excited to embark on a new journey in the New Jersey real estate market.

I have proudly become a part of KW Real Estate, a pioneering platform that combines the industry’s foremost talent with cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing the real estate search and selling experience, making it both intelligent and seamless.

I hold dual licenses, allowing me to practice real estate in both New Jersey and Florida.

My specialization includes selling pre-construction opportunities in the vibrant market of Miami.

I am a proud member of The Alvarez Group at Sterling One Realty, Inc. in Miami. We offer a personalized touch and a significant linguistic advantage, as The Alvarez Group is fluent in Spanish. This positions us to cater to a diverse clientele, assisting both buyers and sellers in achieving their real estate goals in the vibrant Miami market.

I consistently provide superior service characterized by integrity and exceptional results. My approach is marked by understanding, compassion, and a warm, welcoming smile.

We are a dedicated team of real estate professionals based in the USA, each bringing unique expertise to ensure a comprehensive and seamless experience for our clients. Leading the charge is Nicole, a dedicated and savvy real estate agent, who brings her extensive market knowledge and negotiation skills to the table. Daniel, a seasoned mortgage banker with a wealth of experience in securing financing for real estate ventures. Tal, from a reputable title company, ensures that every transaction is legally sound and secure. The Alvarez Group – Sterling One, has an impressive track record of expertise spanning ten years in the South Florida real estate market. With a deep-rooted understanding of the city’s intricacies, they specialize in both residential and commercial properties. Offering clients a comprehensive and tailored experience, their unparalleled journey underscores their commitment to transforming real estate aspirations into tangible achievements.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive solution catered specifically to investors from Israel who are eager to invest in prime real estate markets such as Miami, New York, and New Jersey. Our commitment is rooted in providing an end-to-end experience, guiding our clients seamlessly through the entire investment process. From identifying lucrative properties that align with their investment goals to securing financing that suits their needs, our team is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive A-Z service. Furthermore, we recognize the significance of safeguarding our clients’ investments. Therefore, our services extend to risk mitigation strategies, ensuring that their investments remain protected and yield long-term benefits.

We recognize that foreign investors often face challenges and complexities when navigating the U.S. real estate market. Many have encountered unfortunate situations where a lack of local knowledge and support led to unfavorable outcomes. Our team was founded with a clear mission: to shield international investors from such pitfalls and safeguard their investments. We understand the unique needs of foreign investors, especially those from Israel, and have strategically crafted our services to provide a shield of protection. Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to empower investors with the information, guidance, and advocacy they need to make informed decisions and avoid the common pitfalls that can arise when investing in the U.S. real estate market. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and client-centered service is at the heart of our endeavor to create a secure and successful investment journey for all our valued clients.

By combining the expertise of a real estate professional, mortgage banker, title company, accountants, and attorney, we have assembled a powerhouse team that is equipped to anticipate potential challenges and proactively address them. Whether it’s clarifying legal intricacies, mitigating risks, or ensuring favorable financing options, our team is dedicated to navigating the complexities of the U.S. real estate landscape on behalf of our clients. We believe that every investor deserves a secure and profitable investment experience, and we are steadfast in our commitment to providing the knowledge, resources, and protection needed to achieve that. With our team, foreign investors can confidently explore opportunities in Miami, New York, and New Jersey, knowing that their investments are in capable hands that prioritize their best interests.